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About Us

I believe that connections transform and with all the technology we have today, it is very simple to be connected to the world and to people. Here at Portocred it is no different, here I am connected , always discovering new things and sharing with my colleagues.

we are a company that works with financial solutions through credit, financing and investments. As a competitive strategy, we always seek to add new technologies and innovation to our products.
We have come a long way and we do not intend to stop. We are constantly growing and evolving, always looking for talent to be part of this transformation.
I like to be always learning. Learning is something that motivates me and that always makes me want to go looking for news. When you focus on the customer you have exactly that, because you strive to always want the best for him, understanding what he needs and doing everything to make your audience happy.

I always think about what I can do differently. I watch, ask and enjoy exchanging ideas and knowledge, because I believe that making connections, experimenting and proposing something different is to be innovative. Here I can create, make mistakes and change, because people are open to change and that is what moves me every day.



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