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Total Member IMA 308 Organization - Highligh Member : KSP Dian Mandiri - KOMIDA - BMT An Nisa - BQ Baiturahman - BPRS Hikmah Wakilah - BPRS Baiturahman - Koperasi BPR Ingin Jaya - Koperasi BMT Taman Indah - Koperasi Surya Kencana - Koperasi Sahabat Mitra Sejati (Sampoerna) - Nusa Makmur - Gerhati - CU Keling Kumang - BMT Taman Indah - Sadhana - BMT Sanama - KSP Srihadi Makmur - Koperasi MUM - Peramu - Anugerah Perdana - KSP Setia


Financial inclusion for everyone, ensuring sustainable commitment to the poor


IMA is an active national network of microfinance practitioners. Its mission is two-fold:
Build the capacity of member MFIs to offer equitable access to financial services to low-income households in an efficient, honest, sustainable, innovative and transparent manner.
Become an effective advocacy forum and voice of the Indonesian microfinance industry.


Develop Indonesian MFIs into competent organizations capable of providing efficient and timely microfinance services to a substantial portion of the low-income population in a sustainable manner, and develop strong human resources for the microfinance industry.
Achieve a supportive legal environment for the development of a market-oriented microfinance sector.
Encourage large flows of funds from commercial banks and social investors from Indonesia and overseas to MFIs for on-lending to micro-clients.